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Implementation of Number Plate Detection Using Matlab

Nithyashree. S, Karthik. S



Number plate recognition (NPR) is an image-processing technology and an important field of research that identifies vehicles by their number plates in which the number plate information is extracted from vehicle's image or from sequence of images without direct human intervention. NPR comprises of four stages: Preprocessing, number plate extraction, character division, and character acknowledgment. This paper introduces an effective approach for number plate extraction from preprocessed vehicle input picture utilizing morphological operations, thresholding, sobel vertical edge recognition and associated part investigation. The information picture is firstly preprocessed utilizing iterative respective channel and versatile histogram balance.

Keywords: Automatic number plate recognition, iterative bilateral filter, adaptive histogram equalization, number plate extraction, morphological operations, thresholding, sobel edge detection, connected component analysis

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Nithyashree S, Karthik S. Implementation of Number Plate Detection Using Matlab. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2017; 4(1): 1–9p.

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