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A Novel Approach for Cloud Video Recorder System

G. Rohini, Divyashree S.R


 Cloud Computing, video surveillance business has met vast evolution. Due to the rapid climb of cameras, the IP based video camera were step by step replacing the market share of closed circuit television(CCTV). Hardware and software package primarily based network video record came to plug to support immense quantity of camera sources. The current hardware or software package that is put in on single server might take huge amount of storage and limited in throughput. In this research, the authors planned to develop a framework based on cloud primarily video recorder system under abstraction layer (Infrastructure as a Service).   Multiple user could request the video, to overcome the load balance downside hypertext transfer protocol Live streaming approach were proposed. This method provides High efficiency video, backup and observation options. The simulation results show the proposed methodology were higher than existing system and delivers the video in smart quality with speed.

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