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A Review on Enhanced Social Awareness Development

Krushnadeo Tanaji Belerao


The research question of how social awareness support in computer systems for groups and communities can be designed in a successful way. While the field of human-computer interaction has been working with similar questions for more than 20 years, many aspects of people’s cooperation and the way those should be considered in system design still need further consideration and research. The paper presents a number of projects where systems for cooperation have been designed for different settings and different kinds of use with a particular interest in social awareness. Drawing from the experiences of the different projects, design sensitivities around awareness, as a central prerequisite for collaboration, are suggested. Another contribution of the thesis is the presentation of a theoretical model for awareness, called Aether, introduced by us a number of years ago. We will talk about the hypothetical ramifications of the model and additionally various uses of it in light of our own work and also in view of crafted by different analysts who utilized Aether, by this giving affirmation of our model. In light of the discoveries around mindfulness, the proposal contends for a 'translucent' way to deal with the issue of socio-specialized adjust that one needs to consider in the outline procedure. Rather than endeavoring to comprehend and display human conduct or the social association of collaboration, to 'code' them into the PC framework, this approach advocates for frameworks that intercede data in a 'translucent' manner with the goal that individuals can hold the control of the association of participation in their given setting.

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