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A Comparative Study on Detection of Different Disease Using KNN

Parth R. Singh, Sarfaraz A. Jarda, Nilesh B. Prajapati, Nisha A. Panchal


Nowadays many approaches are made to detect or predict any disease in human body using different data mining techniques. This paper is an approach to study K-nearest neighbor (KNN) classification technique used in different disease prediction. Nowadays number of diseases are needed to be classified and are threat to the human life. Here KNN approach on disease are tuberculosis, heart disease, diabetes, chronic renal failure, neuromuscular disease and brain MRI to detect seven types of diseases. This paper is written on studying different paper where KNN approach is used and some results are generated.

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Parth R. Singh, Sarfaraz A. Jarda, Nilesh B. Prajapati, Nisha A. Panchal. A Comparative Study on Detection of Different Disease Using KNN. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2018; 5(3): 11–16p.




KNN, Tuberclosis,Heart Disease,Disease Detection, Analysis

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