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Atomic Cryptosystem

Sunil Kumar Kashyap, Birendra Kumar Sharma, Amitabh Banerjee


We propose public key cryptosystem (PKC), which is based on the atomic discrete logarithm problem (DLP). Sometimes, the word atomic referred as logical. This can be found by the logical formulation over the finite field. We study the work of [1-10].Atomic cryptosystem deals with the Galois representation of the elements of the cyclic group over finite field for providing the security against semantic attacks. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification Number: 94A60.

Keywords: PKC, DLP,Atomic, Finite Field, Galois Representation.

Cite this Article: Sunil Kumar Kashyap, Birendra Kumar Sharma, Amitabh Banerjee. Atomic Cryptosystem. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2020; 7(2): 1–6p.

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