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Implementation of Audio Watermarking Technique by Spreaded Echo in Time Domain

Mahendra Pandy, Shivajyoti Kumari


Now a day, enormous amount of information is produced, stored and dispersed in digitized form. To endow with real time coverage with sequences of high quality audio, still images and video, mass communication media has turned online. This increases the possibility of large-scale unauthorized copying which may lead to undermine the music, film, book and software industries. These concerns over protecting copyright have triggered significant research to find ways to hide copyright messages and serial number in digital media. In this paper, we present audio watermarking technique that utilized in which time spreading is done using (PN) sequence as a confidential key, overcomes the problem of less security which prevails in most of the echo hiding techniques. The imperceptibility and the robustness of time-spread watermarking based on echo of audio signals are tested using various attacks.


audio watermarking technique, echo hiding techniques, protecting copyright.

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