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A Survey on Datamining Techniques and its Uses on Real-Time Applications

A. Linda Sherin, Kousalyadevi B, Dr. A. Finny Belwin, Dr. Antony Selvadoss Thanamani



Data mining is one of the area gaining lot of sensible significance and is progressing at a brisk pace with new methods, methodologies and findings in diverse packages associated with remedy, computer science, bioinformatics and stock market prediction, climate forecast, textual content, audio and video processing to name a few. Data occurs to be the key difficulty in statistics mining. With the massive online facts generated from several sensors, Internet Relay Chats, Twitter, Face e book, Online Bank or ATM Transactions, the idea of dynamically converting records is becoming a key project, what we call as statistics streams. In this paper, we discuss about the data mining techniques and some of its applications that uses the data mining techniques in various stages, such as healthcare application, forensic, prediction analysis, agriculture, customer relationship management, sequence discovery and education sectors.


Data mining, brisk pace, sensors, internet relay chats, ATM transactions

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