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A Multi-Quadrant, Integrated and Secure Model of Multiple Watermarking

Vineet Mehan, Renu Dhir, Y. S. Brar


Watermarking safeguards the copyright of digital images with its original owner. A watermarking model is projected by conjoining three distinct multiple watermarking approaches. The secure model is obtained by integrating multiple watermarking with the latest secure cryptographic algorithms. The proposed model will improve copyright protection, achieve large embedding capacity and provide a stronger association amongst image and watermark for integrity and authentication. The multiple watermarking model partitions the cover image into distinct quadrants. Different algorithm is applied to each Quadrant (Q) for inserting watermarks (W) and fingerprint in succession. Combinations of fragile and robust watermarks are embedded in frequency domain and spatial domain. Quantitative analysis of image quality parameters reveals the effectiveness of the proposed model. Simulation results demonstrate the robustness by launching a number of attacks like blurring, cropping, JPEG compression, median filtering, noising and scaling against the watermarks without affecting with the quality of the image.


Composite fingerprinting, multiple watermarking, re-watermarking, segmented watermarking

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