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Open Source Technology

Mr. Rachit


Free and open source software has had a major impact on the computer industry since the late 1990s and has changed the way software is perceived, developed and deployed in many areas. Free and open source technology or software is typically developed in a collaborative fashion and the majority of contributors are volunteers. Even though this collaborative form of development has produced a significant body of software, the development process is often described as unstructured and unorganized. This dissertation studies the FOSS phenomenon from a quality perspective and investigates where improvements to the development process are possible. In particular, the focus is on release management since this is concerned with the delivery of a high quality product to end-users. The biggest downside of closed source software is that you have no idea how it was made. You must accept the word of a software vendor for the quality of their own product.

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Open source, source code, free software, Linux, transparent platform

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