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Performance Analysis of Open Source Software in Private and Public Sectors of Indian Software Industry

Garima Soni, Tulsi Kuswaha


Our country is fast emerging hub for software development, with large numbers of global players who are now entering in the market of Open Source Software (OSS). OSS standards are becoming the most interesting phenomenon and paradigm for the entire software industry landscape. The impact of open source technology is expected to be quite noticeable in the Indian private and public sector of software industry, and in society as a whole to save cost. Firstly we are going to present the OSS with standards for private and public sector of Indian software industry. Secondly; we are going to present the analysis of OSS with the following factors like: Reliability, Availability, Usability, Affordability, and Interoperability. These factors are helpful for increasing the quality of OSS, if researchers and practitioners keep in mind OSS standards to develop the OSS for public and private sectors. Lastly we analyze and present some issues and challenges which Indian software industry faces during the implementation of OSS with solutions.

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Garima Soni, Tulsi Kuswaha. Performance Analysis of Open Source Software in Private and Public Sectors of Indian Software Industry. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2016; 3(1): 6–9p.


Open source software, reliability, interoperability, usability, affordability, availability

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