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A Simple PN Sequence Based Steganography for Images: Spatial Domain and DCT Domain Performances

Aparna Unni, Shehin AU


Image steganography is the art of hiding a secret image into another image, called a cover image. Secret image which is converted to a 1D vector is embedded to the cover image. The embedding mechanism is simply adding the bit. In spatial domain, each bit is added to the
selected pixel values. The selection is based on a PN sequence generated. Similarly, in DCT domain, based on PN sequence, DCT coefficients are selected and bits are added to them. Generation of the identical PN sequence at receiver only, can reconstruct the secret image correctly, adding more security for transmission. From results, it is analyzed that, this method gives good performance for spatial domain steganography for higher embedding rates, without much identifiable differences with the cover image and good PSNR values. For DCT domain steganography, using the mentioned method for higher embedding rates, the image
gets distorted.

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Aparna Unni, Shehin AU. A Simple PN Sequence Based Steganography for
Images: Spatial Domain and DCT Domain Performances. Journal of Open
Source Developments. 2016; 3(2): 1–6p.


DCT, PSNR, spatial domain, steganography

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