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A Brief Review on Sensor Node Placement in WSN

Ashish singh, Priya Pathak, Sandeep Gupta


Wireless sensor network one of the growing fields of research where lots of applications are present in this network. By using sensor network, we gather information of environment, monitor health of patients; intelligent transportation system also uses sensor network. One of the most crucial issues of this network is node placement. In this paper, we go through the study of sensor network and its applications, we also go through the sensor node placement and life time of network, and at the end of this paper we conclude that what problems existing technique has and for that what solutions we have.

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Ashish Singh, Priya Pathak, Sandeep Gupta. A Brief Review on Sensor Node Placement in WSN. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2016; 3(2): 27–32p.




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