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A Review on the GNU Project

Shruti Bhandari, Arti Mishra



In this paper, I sketch the characteristics of an GNU project by considering a number of prominent examples, reviewing sociological literature, teasing apart the concepts of open and voluntary implicit in most usages of the term, and I offer a definition in which the much maligned possibility of forking is actually an integral aspect of openness. The objective of the GNU project was to make a free form of the UNIX registering environment, with which numerous PC specialists knew about, and even added to, however was progressively being hampered with exclusive cases. GNU is fun loving type of a recursive acronym: GNU is not Unix. The processing environment should be like, however free of UNIX and incorporate everything, a client required, including a working framework portion and regular applications, for example, little utilities, content managers and programming compilers.


Keywords: GNU, FSF, LINUX

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Shruti Bhandari, Arti Mishra. A Review on the GNU Project. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2016; 3(3): 3–5p.

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