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Routine Enrichment Using Cross Layer Approaches in Ad Hoc Networks

P Priya, N. Siranjeevi



Ad Hoc network is in and of itself autonomous and self-configuring network that does not need any dedicated centralized management for specialized applications like, military operations, search-and-rescue missions, security and police investigation, patient observance, venturous material observance, 4G (4th Generation) coverage extension, associated rural communication; unintentional networks give an intelligent, robust, versatile and value effective resolution for the wireless communication desires. As in centralized wireless systems, unintentional networks also are expected to support high information rates, low delays, and huge node density additionally to several different QoS (Quality of Service) necessities. However, attributable to distinctive unintentional network characteristics, spectrum deficiency, and process limit of current progressive technology, power consumption, and memory; meeting QoS necessities is incredibly difficult in unintentional networks. Studies have shown cross layer to be terribly effective in enhancing QoS performance underneath spectrum deficiency and different constraints. 

Keywords: QoS, Wireless Ad Hoc Network, WSN, WMN

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Priya P, Siranjeevi N. Routine Enrichment Using Cross Layer Approaches in Ad Hoc Networks. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2017; 4(2):     18–21p.

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