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Survey on Protocols and Optimized Methods of Wireless Body Area Network

M. Santhalakshmi, P. Kavitha



Now days, the uses of wireless network and electrical development in the field of health sector are increasing. Wireless body area network (WBAN) is one of the wearable devices for remote health monitoring which is one of the crucial parts of the wireless network. It provides sequence health monitoring of a patient without any limitations and offers much promising application. The WBAN monitors the patient body temperature, blood pressure, air flow details, cardiac details and brain activities for analyzing the patient health condition. The offering applications are managing the health details of patients. The contribution of the WBAN is transmitting the captured information to appropriate server or a receiver for examining the patient health condition. During the information transmission, the quality of the service (QoS), energy of the network and lifetime of the node are main challenges in the WBAN. So, in this paper, we are going to survey the different energy efficient routing protocols, lifetime maximizing networks, optimization methods and the available techniques for enhancing the wireless body area network. Afterword, this paper recommends the suitable routing protocol, network and methods to overcome the problems such as low packet delivery, end-to-end delay and energy consumption. 

Keywords: Wireless body area network, quality of the service, energy consumption, energy efficient routing protocol and lifetime maximizing networks

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Santhalakshmi M, Kavitha P. Survey on Protocols and Optimized Methods of Wireless Body Area Network. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2017; 4(2): 22–30p.

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