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A Survey of Android Operating System

Mubashir Farooq


Now a day’s use of smartphones and electronic gadgets are becoming important in everyone’s life. The world is heading towards mobility due to the increased number of smartphone users and mobile applications. In this era, the android operating system is one of popular operating system for mobile platforms. To implement Pc like functionality, the constraints such as hardware, memory, batteries are present in mobile platforms. To overcome the problem of resources, different and number of versions of android operating system were introduced from past few years. Oreo is the most recently introduced version of the Android where it provides notable changes to the operating systems and their developing platform. The new version of Android Oreo is already available on many devices. This paper aims on to provide the best details toward the stirring new edge of open source mobile development and their different versions on Android. In this paper, the survey of android operating system is done.

Keywords: Android, Android apps, Linux kernel features, mobile computing, operating system

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Mubashir Farooq. A Survey of Android Operating System. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2018; 5(2): 5–8p.

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