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A Novel Priority Based Task Scheduling Algorithm for the Cloud Integrated Sensor Network

Parul Sharma


Load balancing and resource provisioning is the primary and challenging issue in Cloud computing. Client’s requests submitted in the Cloud environment will compete for the available resources in order to complete their execution in best possible minimum time. Many algorithms were advised to provide efficient mechanism for conveying the client's requests to available Cloud resources. The aim of this project is to provide comprehensive overview of the existing load balancing algorithms, and to propose a new task scheduling algorithm to achieve high availability, flexibility, cost reduced and scalability on demand. The results of the implementation of this project shows that the execution time, response time, make span time and resource utilization have been improved.

Keywords: Cloud computing, execution time, load balancing, make span time, response time, task migration

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Parul Sharma, Pooja Tripathi. A Novel Priority-based Task Scheduling Algorithm for the Cloud Integrated Sensor Network. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2018; 5(2): 13–17p.

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