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Virtual Switch

Ankur Varma, Jay Suthar, Dr. Mehfuza Holia


The switches nowadays are very popular due to their efficiency and sssimplicity in case of their usage. But the problem arrived is about safety and durability for the switches. For example, traditional switches do not have any sort of safety against wet hands and mechanically durable. Thus, the switches are not providing any immunity to electrical shocks and acquire a pretty amount of space for wiring and cannot be operated without touching it.

Keywords: Communication, mobile, appliance, module

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Ankur Varma, Jay Suthar, Mehfuza Holia. Virtual Switch. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2018; 5(3): 20–23p.

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Suthar, J.A.Y & Brahmane, A.A.R.Y.A. (2018). Invisible Switch. International Journal of Science and Research, 7(7), 1-4p.

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