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Navigation Enabled High Security Helmet

Ganga V., Anand ., Pooja S.R., Sandra B.S., Revathy B.M.


The intelligent helmet system reported in this project ensures the safety of a two-wheeler rider. The primary concept behind the working of the system is about the free hand operation of a rider. The ignition of a two-wheeler will be enabled only if the rider is wearing the helmet and it should be buckled. The helmet is powered by a lithium ion battery which in turn is charged manually or by a solar panel, integrated outside the helmet. A fully functioning prototype of the reported switch based helmet system has been fabricated and all the necessary circuits are embedded inside the helmet and the motor bike. The proposed system has the unique characteristic of transmitting the appropriate condition of the signals for a predefined duration, followed by holding of these signals for the rest of the time at the receiving end for the proper functioning of the motorbike. Currently, accidents are a serious problem for everyone. Accidents are increasing day by day, so efforts are made to avoid them to minimize their consequences. We live in a world where the rules of the road have no importance for people and they are regularly violated. In addition, its human nature to resist what is imposed on them. Thus, using a different perspective, we provide safety with luxurious and intelligent features using a helmet.

Keywords: Helmet, motorbike, navigation, security, technology

Cite this Article: Ganga V., Anand, Pooja S.R., Sandra B.S., Revathy B.M. Navigation Enabled High Security Helmet. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2020; 7(1): 1–6p.

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