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IOT-based Line of Control Monitoring System

Rajvirsinh parmar, Parthkumar Gohil, Saurabhkumar Yadav, Stavansinh Thakor, Madhavi Desai, Ankit Prajapati, Bhagyasri Patel



Indian Security Border areas are normally considered as places where great deal of violence and intervention happens between several persons. This often caused the danger for the life of employees, soldiers and common people working and living in border areas. It is not possible for our soldiers to watch the borders at each and every moment. In this paper, we have proposed “automated monitoring system” as the solution of the problem for effective monitoring of line of control (LOC). The automatic monitoring system can immensely improve the surveillance of border areas and it will help to control illegal movements at the LOC. This paper introduces a model with useful and protective systems such as PIR sensors, ultrasonic systems, thermal infrared cameras, GPS, and touch sensors. This paper proposes an efficient IOT (Internet of Things) based model for monitoring and controlling for line of control system. The proposed system is completely bullet proof and water proof. The software-based monitoring system will provide an efficient solution for monitoring large border areas of India.


PIR sensor, thermal infrared camera, ultrasonic wave, GPS, touch sensor, digital camera, drone, IOT, security, monitoring, controlling

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