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Augmented Reality Based Shooting Game

Pratik Dattatray Jaykar, Dnyaneshwari Rajaram Bandagale, Vaishali Shankar Kokare, Vaishali Jadhav


In this developing world of technology, there are so many things going on at the same time. Humans are progressing in so many fields at the time for the betterment of human race. An innovation that holds its place among these is Augmented Reality (AR). AR refers to displaying virtual objects into the real world. This research work presents the features and functionalities of AR based shooting games which require precise “aiming” and “timing” to shoot its target down in order to survive. It is not like everyday survival game as it is based on the augmented reality. The proposed system created using AR Foundation is for both iOS and Android.


iOS, Android, Augmented Reality (AR), virtual reality, 2D 3D illustrating

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