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Task Scheduling with Cron Job using Cloud Brain

Poorviga C, Saravanan S, Akalya R, Kabila P, Tamilselvi B


Most people have fear in their mind to share their secrets, specifically banking details with others but they have to share it with someone, because that will help in the situations like that person affected by memory loss or may death happen, these details also get buried. In this situation, his/her family members know the details to access the bank but the bank requires various certificates and proof. This will take too much time, but when using the cron jobs, these all processes can be done easily. Because all the details are already fed inside the program in cron. The purpose of a cron job is to make everything in schedule-based work and also automatic, cron is the word that comes from Greek which means time. So, the person wants to do a simple thing, use cron job by creating ASCII text cron file, and edit it by text editor and then run; it will do the given work at particular intervals regularly. Now in bank, the person can add alternative user details to the primary user account and also add cron time to the server-side, that's it; all these problems will be over


Task scheduling, cron job, cloud brain, banking details, module split-up

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