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Impact of Fading in On Demand Routing Protocol of MANET

Himanshu Sharma, Laxmi Shrivastava



Fading is a major impairment while transmitting a signal in wireless communication channel. It is caused by multipath propagation. That is signals from different paths can constructively or destructively interfere with each other. Thus, it becomes very necessary to reduce this effect, to transmit the signal effectively to the receiver. Many routing protocols are proposed based on which neglect the effect of fading and path loss. Main objective of this paper is to find suitable routing protocols for Rician fading model and analyze the performance of wireless ad hoc network in terms of throughput, average end to end delay, jitter and packet delivery ratio. 

Keywords: MANET, fading channel, Rician fading, routing protocols

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Himanshu Sharma, Laxmi Shrivastava. Impact of Fading in On Demand Routing Protocol of MANET. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2017; 4(2): 6–10p.

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