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Different Various Techniques of CBIR: A Review

Ayushi Godiya, L. D. Mahor


AbstractThe content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is turning into a supply of precise and fast retrieval. In this paper, the strategies of CBIR are mentioned. As image collections are growing at a rapid fee, call for efficient and powerful equipment for retrieval of query pictures from a database is expanded appreciably. Among them, CBIR have turn out to be very famous for browsing, looking and retrieving pictures from a big database of digital images (DI) as it calls for pretty much less human intervention. This paper is a try to discover the CBIR techniques and their utilization in various application domain names. Support vector machines (SVM) are significantly used to research from relevance feedback due to their functionality of successfully tackling the above problems. The results which are received are having accuracy. It consist of different techniques which are Gabor Filter, SVM etc Different techniques use different assumption. This shows that our technique can drastically enhance the overall performance of CBIR for object picture retrieval responsibilities. CBIR strategies will easy to address the information and may without difficulty get right of entry to the statistics They also are turning into capable strategies for genuine and speedy retrieval.

Keywords—content-based image retrieval , Gabor Wavelet Transform ,SVM, Wavelet Transform.

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Ayushi Godiya, L.D. Mahor. Different Various Techniques of CBIR: A Review . Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2017; 4(2): 18–24p.

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