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Optical Character Recognition in the computering



In today's world, advances in advanced scientific techniques drive more human communication limits in different areas of technology. One of these areas is the field of character recognition known as OKR. A simple way to store and remove in formation in these paper documents is in the computer system and then stores them as images. In this fast paced world there is a great need to digitize printed documents and document information directly in digital format. There is still a gap in this area today. OKR techniques continue to improvise from time to time in an effort to bridge this gap. This project is about developing the algorithm to recognize handwritten characters and also to identify images using neural networks. A new technique is proposed to identify images using artificial neural network schemes including feature extraction of characters and their implementation. It has been shown that the continued identification of characters through the network that more than 70% of the times.

Keywords: Neural network, character recognition, processing, technique

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Ateeqah Mohammed Ali Daradi, Anchit Sajal Dhar. Optical Character Recognition in the Computering. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2018; 5(1): 1–5p.

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