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Requirement of the Dynamic Metrics to Measure the Behaviour of Component-based Software

Parveen Kumar, Pradeep Tomar


Software component has been developed lively. Component-based Software Development (CBSD) is becoming more generalized, representing a considerable market for the software industry. However, the measurements of software components have become an integral part of software development and are used during every phase of the software development life cycle. With the help of conventional static metrics we are not able to analyse various facts of software. It is very important to understand the dynamic behaviour of the program or an application in developing new effective strategies in computer science. This paper introduces the foundation dynamic metrics. In this paper we will discuss the various aspects for software metrics, and the comparison between static and dynamic metrics. The main aim of the paper is identify the different requirements for the dynamic metrics for a Component-Based Software Development. These requirements play the important role to describe the dynamic behaviour of Component-Based Software.

Keywords: Software Component, CBSD, Static Metrics, Dynamic Metrics.

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