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Review on Weather Events Forecasting Using Data Mining Algorithms

Yogesh Kumar Jakhar, Dr.Nidhi Mishra, Dr.Rakesh Poonia


Weather events forecasting is the most imperious and stimulatingfunctioning responsibilities supported by meteorological departments worldwide.  Amongst all weather events, rainfall plays the most authoritative role in the life of human beings. Human society to a great level depends upon its frequency at various scales. Data mining is a process that mechanically abstracts useful patterns from a given data set. Thecommon algorithms and techniques for rain forecasting like Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Fuzzy Neuro Network, Rough set theory, Support Vector Regression , K-nearest neighbor classifier, BP Neural Network etc. were used by the researcher according of literature review of more than 65 papers. In this paper we reviewed the various algorithms and techniques that were used for weather forecasting. Some algorithms were used forrain prediction accuracy in term of percentage and some algorithms were used for number of hours ahead rain prediction.

Keywords: Weather Forecasting, Rain Forecasting, Data Mining

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Yogesh Kumar Jakhar, Nidhi Mishra,Rakesh Poonia. Review on Weather EventsForecasting Using Data MiningAlgorithms. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends.2018; 5(1): 12–22p.

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