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Bi-Lateral Interactive Device for Deaf

Aswathy S, Jameema C K, Suhail K T, Nahan Rahman M K



This paper proposes an assisting system which will help hearing impaired people to communicate with normal people so that world could understand them better. This basically converts Indian sign language to speech and then the corresponding speech from the normal person will be translated into sign language, by this way our system eliminates the need of a third party and reduces the discomfort in the interactions. Gestures from deaf serve as the input to the system which will be captured by camera. Using image processing techniques and machine learning, gestures are being recognized, extracted and identified with the help of a raspberry pi module.


Keywords: Image Processing, Raspberry PI, Machine Learning

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Aswathy S., Jameema C.K., Suhail K.T., Nahan Rahman M.K. Bi-Lateral Interactive Device for Deaf. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2019; 6(2): 1–4p.

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