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RFID Technology and its Application: A Vital Impact on Digital Era

Anoop Singh, Priyanka .


In the recent time, number of technologies is emerging from many field areas. RFID is main technology for tracking of objects for security purpose in daily life. In digital era, RFID technology transmits the identity of an objects or person wirelessly, using radio waves. Moves from obscure, RFID technology is an important aspect for digital era. By this technology, we can identify an object, automatically with the help of tag or a microchip. A wireless technology has changed the technology methods in easy way. RFID is the latest technology to be used in many areas for tracking, identifying, security and detection of theft. For security and tracking purposes, RFID technology provides a safe and security facilities for many areas. At the same time due to application of security system that promises to increase efficiency, productivity and enhance user satisfaction. Internet of things, which is now the talk of the world, is playing a vital role in all aspects of life. Emerging RFID system is rapidly growing and has the potential to affect many different field or areas.

Keywords: RFID Technology, components and its applications, digital era, security, wireless technology

Cite this Article: Anoop Singh, Priyanka. RFID Technology & its Application: A Vital Impact on Digital Era. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2020; 7(1): 25–31p.

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