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Developing Intelligent Business Solutions Using Big Data

Shivam Mishra, Aakash Shukla, Himandhu Kathuria, Mandeep Singh


Different types of industries and organizations are generating a large volume of data (known as big data). Analysis of such data has the potential to provide meaningful business insights and can be used to make various business decisions. However, the extraction of meaningful information from big data is not an easy task as it comes with different types of challenges. Production of actionable information and profitable decisions from big data is known as business intelligence. Business Intelligence and Analytics has emerged as an important area for researchers. A variety of big data analysis tools are available to perform different tasks like Apache Hive to analyze the data, Apache Sqoop to load data from RDBMS, etc. Our goal is to make a business intelligence solution for the retail environment by integrating different big data tools and extract some meaningful information which helps in decision making for some specific questions related to price optimization. We will store data in Hadoop from RDBMS and then perform data processing and query analysis using tools like spark and hive to produce information.

Keywords: Hadoop, Sqoop, Hive, Spark, Parquet

Cite this Article: Shivam Mishra, Aakash Shukla, Himandhu Kathuria, Mandeep Singh. Developing Intelligent Business Solutions Using Big Data. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2020; 7(1): 12–17p.

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