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Discrete Encryption

Ashutosh Pandey, Sunil Kumar Kashyap


The present work will be directed the future plan towards the security. This study is presented as the application of the fuzzy set and cryptography both. Zadeh’s contribution was the landmark in the development of real mathematical application but today this has been applied in almost every field of the society. Hard mathematical problem interacts with the security of any cryptography. Such mathematical problems are; factorization, discrete logarithm, lattice, quantum etc. In this paper, Hard Mathematical Problem (HMP) transform into the class comprises with the fuzzy called the Fuzzy Hard Problem (FHP). The message and the FHP generate a new system referred as the discrete encryption.

Keywords: Fuzzy, Cryptography, Discrete Logarithm, Factorization, Lattice, Quantum.

Cite this Article: Ashutosh Pandey, Sunil Kumar Kashyap. Discrete Encryption. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2020; 7(2): 11–12p.

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