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Assessment of Voltage Stability and Event Detection in Distribution Grid with Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources

Deepti Hanwat, Rajeev Kumar Chauhan



In this paper we proposed a method which is based on FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis for the assessment and detection of outage of renewable energy, islanding event and grid synchronization of renewable energy. The Voltage signals should be measured, and features extracted are realized to assess the power quality disturbance associated with various events. Operational events are detected with the help of features extracted from the FFT analysis of the measured voltage at substation bus. An FFT analysis based various operational events assessed and detected. This proposed method has been tested successfully on IEEE-09 bus system with necessary modification to integrate wind and solar PV generators to form the hybrid power system. The load flow is done by forward backward sweep method. Simulation results are validated in real time environment with practical data.


Power quality, distribution system, renewable energy, utility grid, FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

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