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Home-Automation System for Renewable Energy Self-Consumption Optimization

Rishi Shrivastava, Prof. Priyanka Tripathi Choubey, Prof. Sunil Shah



One of the largest problems regarding the distributed production of renewable energy is that the effective employment of the produced energy. Usually, this energy is reintroduced within the grid with an obstacle for the producer. During this scenario, we propose an approach that aims at exploiting the whole energy production reintroducing into the grid only the part in excess. The proposed solution is predicated on a tool, called energy switch, that permits a change of the electrical energy source of a system like one linked to both photovoltaic and classical energy grid. This operation needs many considerations for warranting a right energy and avoiding energy lacks potentially dangerous for the appliances. Particularly the system must be able to recognize the situations within which it is possible to use the cheaper source without causing an energy lack to the system. Within the proposed solution, the input file for the system are given by the OMeter stations made by this purpose Over Technologies, a spin-off of Sapienza University. A working type of the energy switch has been built for future empirical test about its efficiency. The system reduces the matter of choosing which lines to attach to which energy source to the knap-sack problem. The performance of the system is evaluated, checking power supply or, on the contrary.


Smart grid, renewable energies, home automation, energy management

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