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Software Quality Assurance and Systemic Review

Payal M. Thakrar



Quality is most of the important factor in industries now a day. Software industries have to work on quality assurance and control, as day by day variety of software is developed and drawn in the market. To satisfy the growing demand and need of customer in today's competitive world companies have to concentrate on the software quality, which is checked while the development of software. Software quality depends upon customer satisfaction which can be achieved through applying standards. With increasing demand for software products with high “Quality”, it has become imperative for organizations to adopt quality models like (International Standard Organization) ISO 9001, (Capability Maturity Model Integration) CMMI or Six Sigma etc. to set and sail on their quality journey. While designing, the architect should analyze the system requirements before committing the resources to it. The analyzing process helps us to ensure the high quality of architecture design. Software testing is an important technique for assessing the quality of a software product. For maintaining the quality, performance, speed, efficiency, and cost of the software quality Assurance activities, principles, and methods are implemented in the early stages of software engineering development phases. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Maturity Model and other standards are relevant in understanding the importance and roles of the quality group.


Customer satisfaction, CMMI, ISO 9001, SEI, SQA, Software engineering.

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