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Child Welfare Management Application Based on Android

Azhar Sayed, Aditya Singh, Sahil Bhaldar


The aim of the kids’welfare association is to shield the simplest interest of the kids and to push the soundness among the kids. We have a tendency to believe in a world where each kid will scan. Through the kids’welfare association, our mission is to develop a system where we will invest in infancy education so as toempower the succeeding generation. This is often achieved by making instructional programs and providing necessary resources in underclass areas. This technique can keep all the records of the children’s activities happening monthly, scholarships, and donations. Mainstreaming the children inside the public structure by giving consideration, support,and protection through shelter, food, and education is our mission. Their basic desires are met and they are going to get new life through gaining data, occupational skills,and life skills. They are going to get love and affection as if their oldsters offer. Their confidence level can increase and become sensible quality to the community. They will develop physically and psychologically and create pretty much as good and productive voters. They are going to inspire by financial aid,and show humanity towards the community.


Financial aid, instructional programs, kids’ welfare association

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