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Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm using Time Quantum

Aditya Singh


Booking is a most imperative errand of working framework capacity. Pretty much all PC assets are booked before utilization. CPU planning is the principle undertaking of multimodified working frameworks. By exchanging the CPU among courses of action, the working framework can make the PC all the more successfully [1]. The CPU is one of the essential PC assets so its planning is key to working framework plan. In a straight forward PC framework, the CPU then simply sits unmoving. Such a lot of holding up time is squandered, no valuable work is refined. With multiprogramming, we attempt to utilize this time gainfully. A few methods are kept in memory at one time. At the point when one methodology needs to hold up, the working framework detracts the CPU from that process and gives the CPU to an alternate procedure. Each time one procedure needs to hold up, an alternate methodology can assume control utilization of the CPU. In this paper, we have proposed a Finest Round Robin
booking calculation utilizing Effective Time Quantum (FRRETQ) for Efficient CPU
Utilization, less normal holding up time and turnaround time of every procedure and least number of setting switches taken to finish all techniques than contrast with Simple round robin and Adaptive round robin planning calculations.

Keywords: Scheduling, Multiprogramming, Simple round robin, Adaptive round robin, Holding up time, Context switch, Turnaround time

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Himanshu Verma. Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm Using Time Quantum. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2015; 2(1): 22–25p.

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