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A Study of Mining High Utility Itemset

Priyanka Rana, Jaspreet Singh, Shashi Bhushan


Cost effective exploitation of a transactional database refers to the procedure of choosing the transaction sets with most cost effective features that will improve overall incomes of a company. A plethora of data mining algorithms have been recommended in the past few years to focus on mining item sets with high utility value. The word utility is about that feature of item-sets. Thus, mining algorithms tries to find out all of the item sets satisfying a user-defined limit called min_util. These algorithms cause problems linked to memory and execution time because lots of candidate item sets are generated and several scans of database are needed. This paper focus on review various existing formulas that effectively mine item sets with techniques for pruning candidates that tend to be generated alongside the candidate generation process.

Keywords: Data mining, utility mining, high utility itemset mining, frequent itemset mining

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Priyanka Rana, Jaspreet Singh, Shashi Bhushan. A Study of Mining High Utility Itemset. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2015; 2(3): 21–25p.

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