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A New Process to Enhance the Maintainability of Component-Based Software

Shivani Dhanked, Niyati Baliyan, O.P. Sangwan, Pradeep Tomar


Maintenance of component based software (CBS) is particularly significant nowadays, thus calling for strategies for its improvement. Previous work on maintenance does not clearly map the process of component selection from repository and the type of maintenance approach followed. In addition, most available literature treats component storage and component retrieval rather independent of each other. Our aim is to integrate the three concepts: maintenance approach, component storage and component retrieval, thereby recommending a coherent view of the process of component based software maintenance. In this paper, we suggest developers to choose in house built software over COTS, on the basis of comparative study. This paper considers hypothesis for two kinds of maintenance for CBS, namely; preventive and corrective. In particular, we illustrate a new process for enhancing maintainability of CBS. Furthermore, process flow for storage and retrieval of components in and from the repository is presented.

Keywords: COTS, software maintenance, component-based software, component repository, software component selection, component based software engineering (CBSE)

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Shivani Dhanked, Niyati Baliyan, Sangwan OP et al. A New Process to Enhance the Maintainability of Component-Based Software. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2016; 3(1): 12–19p.

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