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Skin Tone Detection Applies to User Secure Authentication Using Advanced Encryption Standard and Steganography

Ekta Chauhan


Filtering of image content, compressing the content aware image and video applications of color balancing can advantage from automatic skin detection in the images. Biometric characteristics are used for usage of skin tone images region steganography. Here, significant information is implanted within the skin image region which will provide an outstanding data hiding secure location. For this, detection of skin tone is required to be performed. Various information hiding steps can be used through image cropping. Image cropping has better security than information hiding without cropping the complete image, so works of crop region as a key at decoding region. AES cryptography algorithm is used to convert secret data into an unreadable form previously embedding; which gives a strong backbone for information security. Steganography is the hiding skill; the data exists in various mediums of transmission to attain secret communication. It does not restore cryptography, but quite boosts the security applying its abstruse feature. In this paper, we represent extensive security for skin tone detection authentication purpose using AES and steganography encryption/decryption.

Keywords: AES, steganography, LSB, DWT

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Ekta Chauhan. Skin Tone Detection Applies to User Secure Authentication Using Advanced Encryption Standard and Steganography. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2016; 3(2): 21–32p.

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