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Enrichment of Storage Capacity of QR Codes Using Colored Approach

Deepak Vaidya


Copyright protection and authentication is increasing and becoming important in daily life. The digitized watermark is one of the techniques invented to solve this issue. Maximum storage capacity of QR code with the use of only two colors i.e. black and white is maximum up to 4296 characters in version 40. This capacity of QR can be further enhanced by the utilization of more colors with black and white, which can be red, green, blue etc. or by the utilization of multiplexing technique. In this research paper, a new color QR code generation algorithm is proposed, which uses both, the multiplexing technique and color coding technique. This enhanced algorithm increases the capacity of QR code by three times as compared to the present black and white QR codes. QR code which is damaged up to 30% can be efficiently decoded or scanned using RS codes. The code word of RS is generated through a set of finite fields.

Keywords: QR code, 1D bar codes, 2D matrix codes, RS codes, finite fields, color coding, 2D barcodes, data capacity, data compression, lossless compression, QR code

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Deepak Vaidya. Enrichment of Storage Capacity of QR Codes Using Colored Approach. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2016; 3(2): 15–20p.

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