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A. Saravanan, N. Siranjeevi, G. Selvakumar



In 2015, as more industries turned to them for compute power and data management, unlike past years when public cloud storage providers tried to attract customers mainly through charge cuts, they are more attentive on substantial and out their knowledge choices in 2015. Amazon web services (AWS) has thrown its flexible file system for a scalable file system in the mist for network file system (NFS) applications. The Google cloud storage close line that competes with Amazon glacier for cold storage became usually available. Microsoft Azure also came along with a better file system and introduced upgrade store simple crops. They are growing their scheme called as Jeff Kato, senior storage analyst at Taneja Group, of the important cloud storage sellers. And a lot of storage sellers are tightly mixing the public cloud with their on-premises storage. All the backup and reinstate companies make it so that their on-premises product works flawlessly with packing in the cloud. Amazon began contravention out its AWS income in 2015 and underlined its standing as the clear cloud market leader beating more than $2 billion in income for the third quarter. Gartner investigation's 2015 magic quadrant for public cloud storage services available in June also declared AWS to knowledge leader followed by Microsoft and Google. "A few clients even topped 100 PBs, a witness to its scale and customers' trust in its working ability," the Gartner explosion said AWS. AWS has built an inspiring bazaar place eco scheme of [software as a service] SaaS associates that allows customers to more easily manage, examine and protect data that sits in the fundamental storage tiers. The Amazon S3 API like wide ecosystem support from skill partners as well as gaining high mind share with autonomous and enterprise application developers as a favored cloud storage API. Amazon added a critical improvement to its cloud storage service this year when it hurled cross-region duplication. That means each object uploaded to an S3 bucket is replicated to a designated bucket situated in a different AWS region.


Keywords: Cloud storing, acceptance, strong despite lock in concern, back up the low hanging fruit of cloud storage

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