Image Encryption using Quadtree Compression Technique without any Key Management

Pachigolla Srinivas, Podili Srikanth, Ayinavalli Venkata Ramana


Now-a-days maintaining the confidential data is a very tough task. When it comes to images, maintaining confidentiality and secrecy is equally difficult. In general there are two approaches being followed for image encryption. One is encrypting the image using encryption algorithms with keys and other is dividing the image into random shares. But
these approaches are having limitations like in first model, high computation cost and in second model poor quality. To overcome these problems we need to brainstorm another
approach, which is called Keyless Approach to Image Encryption. In this approach it involves Compression, Sieving, Division and Shuffling, reducing the computations and
also the image will be recovered without any loss of image quality.

Keywords: Visual cryptography, sieving, division, shuffling, image quality,

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