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A Review Paper on Detection of Pernicious Applications in Android System

Nitish Kumar, Pragati Mishra



The electronic gadgets, for example, a mobile have turned out to be prevalent step by step, which is the significant focus of vindictive applications (malapps). The location and expulsion of noxious applications from android is the significant issue in now days. So, to keep the malapps out of the application markets is a progressing challenge. One noteworthy outline purposes of Android security system is to control the consent that limits the entrance of clients having obligation to the application designers concerning precisely indicating the asked for authorizations and to the clients with in regards to completely understanding the danger of giving certain mixes of authorization. In this report, we have concentrated diverse strategies to decide the malapps in android. In authorization prompted hazard to begin with, examine the danger of an individual consent and the danger of a gathering of relating consents. At that point utilize diverse strategies to distinguish dangerous consent subsets. Also, then dissect the helpfulness of unsafe consents for malapps recognition with subset determination. Thirdly, top to bottom break down the location comes about and decide the practicality and additionally the restrictions of malapps recognition in view of authorization solicitations.


Keywords: Android, malapps detection, permission control, induced risk

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Nitish Kumar, Pragati Mishra. A Review Paper on Detection of Pernicious Applications in Android System. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2017; 4(1): 7–10p.

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