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A Review Paper on Healthcare Android Application Using Eclipse

Ashwani Wantoo, Tapendra Singh Chauhan



In this paper, we propose a coordinated framework, produced for use by the social insurance work force inside healing facilities, adjusted to smartphones, tablets and handheld gadgets. Most the healing facilities in India do customary manual printed material to keep up the records which winds up noticeably oppressive. In spite of the fact that it works effectively more often than not yet bargains time and space. The proposed framework which depends on android stage encourages specialists, attendants and the included work forces all through with the office, paying little mind to the presence of system association in the territory utilizing a run of the mill PDA. The proposed application and its backend framework keep up an entrance to patient’s present status and in addition, past history i.e. past afflictions, findings, medicines and detail of sensitivities. Extra components incorporate updates about advance of the patient, encryption of the private reports for classified infections. Likewise, we coordinate a quick response (QR code) for getting to restorative related information of the patient utilizing an advanced mobile phone or a tablet be utilized by the office itself or any other person affirmed.

Keywords: Quick response (QR code), healthcare, encryption, confidentiality

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Tapendra Singh Chauhan, Ashwani Wantoo. A Review Paper on Healthcare Android Application Using Eclipse. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2017; 4(1):     11–14p.

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