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Virtual Human Computer Interaction System v1

Vivek Kumar, Sataym Prateek, Jitendra Kumar, Chhaya Lodhi



According to various research people are having numerous health problems just because they sit in front of machine for long time. Human Computer interaction is completely dependent on peripheral devices (Mouse, keyboard). Dependency on peripheral devices had made people suffer from back pain, headache, obesity and other physical fatigues. Our approach is to reduce dependency on peripheral devices by creating virtual human computer interaction system. A virtual mouse controlling system is developed. Our method uses a camera and colored object (Finger's with colored ring). Color object will control mouse movements and click events. We will include two more modules in our system one is voice commands with voice response and second text reading.


Keywords: Human Computer Interaction, Image Acquisition, Color Recognition, Image Processing

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Vivek Kumar, Sataym Prateek, Jitendra Kumar. Virtual Human Computer Interaction System v1. Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends. 2017; 4(1): 20–22p.

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