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AES Encryption and Hashing Used for Data Security on Amazon Web Services

Richa Gautam, Madhukar Dubey, Vivek Jain



Cloud computing is the conveyance of processing as an administration instead of an item, whereby shared assets, programming, and data are given to PCs and different gadgets as a utility (like the power framework) over a system (commonly the Internet). Mists can be named open, private or half breed. Distributed computing, or in easier shorthand, essentially “the cloud”, moreover focuses on opening up the ampleness of the regular resources. Cloud resources are regularly shared by different customers and in addition, effectively reallocated per ask. This can work for circulating advantages for customers. In our proposed work, we are giving security by applying a hash work for giving confirmation to information so that nobody can transform it before transferring and afterward scrambling the information to shield it from the unapproved get to. At that point we transfer that information to the server of Amazon web services (AWS). This gives security to the PaaS model and makes it a more effective cloud demonstrate.

Keywords: Cloud computing, cloud service models, cloud deployment models, characteristics

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Richa Gautam, Madhukar Dubey, Vivek Jain. AES Encryption and Hashing Used for Data Security on Amazon Web Services. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2017; 4(2): 1–8p.

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