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A Review on Social Network Analysis

Arti Anuragi


Abstract -Online services of social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, messengers etc. are rising exponentially. In this big data era valuable data has to be collected and analyzed. The best example of generating big data is the social network so it is necessary to collect and analyze it. Social network is the collection of the user represented as the node and social relationships as a link. Social network analysis basically focusses on analyzing relationship pattern generated or created between the social users, organizations and states. There are two ways to analyze the social network first is visualization of the network other one is mathematical ways. Social network analysis is an area where many researches are going on since many years ago, here we are presenting a study on some of the few recent methods used for analyzing social network. Most of the survey is done on mathematical approaches here we have also tried to recollect and compared some of the most used full visualizing tool box which are available for data collection and analysis purpose.   

Keywords– Social network, Social network analysis, Mathematical approach, visualization tool.


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Arti Anuragi. A Review on Social Network Analysis. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2018; 5(1): 10–16p.

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