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An IoT Based Novel Approach for Prevention of Road Accidents due to Extreme Weather Conditions using L-BOT

Tushar Ashokkumar Champaneria, Maitrik Shah, Sunil Jardosh


As more and more highways are being developed by the government, cities are getting connected and more people are commuting through highways; due to which there are fair chances of increase in the number of accidents on such highways, especially in extreme weather conditions (fog and heavy rain). From the statistics of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India, it can be said that almost 50 people die, and 200 people get injured everyday due to accidents occurring due to fog or heavy rain. There is an urgent need of time to have cost-effective and accurate solutions which avoid/reduce the accidents caused due to fog or heavy rain. Ensuring road safety is utmost important and our solution for preventing road accidents occurring on the highways due to extreme weather conditions will lead the world towards smart and safe transport. This paper discusses various possible approaches to address the said issue with their pros and cons. In this paper, we are proposing a robust, cost-effective and energy-efficient framework for prevention of road accidents on highways due to extreme weather conditions. The proposed framework includes the design of the L-BOT device to get the location of the vehicle and communicate with the server. Getting the location of nearby vehicles using GPS and displaying them on the screen in real time manner can solve the problem to a greater extent with less cost and more accuracy. The proposed framework will be implemented and tested in a real-world environment to measure the performance parameters like delay, location accuracy, power consumption and server algorithm efficiency. 

KEYWORDS: Network protocols, wireless networks, connected vehicles, location sharing, nearby vehicles, L-Bot (Location Bot), cyberphysical system, GPS (Global Positioning System)

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Tushar Champaneria, Maitrik Shah, Sunil Jardosh. An IoT Based Novel Approach for Prevention of Road Accidents Due to Extreme Weather Conditions Using L-BOT. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2019; 6(1): 15–24p.

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