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A Research Paper on Web Application Development Using CMS (Xampp/PHP)

Aparna Jindal


It is known that design patterns of object-oriented programming are used in the design of Web applications, but there is no sufficient information that which types of data patterns are used, how frequently they are used, and what the level of quality at which they are used. This research paper discusses the various useful tools and techniques that are used in a development of web applications. In addition we discuss life cycle model of web application. This paper also tells about the tool (BRACKETS), CMS (Content management system) likewise Drupal which is used in this development with the functionality of PHP with XAMPP server screenshots.

Keywords: Navigation, Google chart, Xampp, CMS, API

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Aparna, Neha Verma, Himanshu. A Research Paper on Web Application Development Using CMS (Xampp/PHP). Journal of Web
Engineering & Technology. 2019; 6(1): 37–43p

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