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A Survey on Challenges of Optical Fiber

Priyanka Sharma, Sakshi Maheshwari



This study affords an overview of destiny research activities within the field of optical telecommunications. The year 2020 is considered a milestone, when the potential of optical communication links via a single optical fiber will attain the bodily hindrance referred to as the “fiber wall”. It is anticipated that advances in structures with a fashionable, single-mode, optical fiber, which permits increasingly better transmission capacities because of elevated scientific studies, will attain the factor where the potential of the optical link through a single optical fiber will not develop. Due to this collision with the “fiber wall”, studies’ efforts to increase future solutions are all of the extra necessity. This article gives an overview in the fields wherein the future development of optical fiber communications will deliver the maximum attention. In the globe of optical equipment and additives, the development is going in the path of integrated fiber optics and new fiber optics. In order to gain the objectives, the brand new optical communication strategies contain coherent communications, multidimensional modulation formats and multiplexing strategies, in addition to using digital signal processing. Modern optical networks make bigger from the high-overall performance fiber optic connections within the backbone to broadband get entry to in consumer’s home; in the future their structure will permit an adaptability to wavelength, bandwidth and modulation layout. The predominant intention of the development in the direction of 2020 and beyond is to build optical verbal exchange systems that will enable the switch of big quantities of data with the minimum electricity intake and the usage of the only and cheapest gadget.

Keywords: Optical devices, optical fiber, optical networks, optical communication

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Sakshi Maheshwari, Priyanka Sharma. A Survey on Challenges of Optical Fiber. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2019; 6(3): 1–5p.

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